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The RWM and Brethren of the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 would like wish everyone the very best in 2017.
The Brethren of the Celtic Lodge 291 would like to wish all who visit our Web Page a Hundred Thousand Welcomes and we encourage all enquiries.
if your are looking for a Father, Grand Father, or Family Member, who may have been a Member of the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 or if you would like to join the Celtic Lodge 291 or have an interest in  Freemasonry please Email us and we will try to help your enquiry to Bill Boland PM Lodge Historian at
When we will be welcoming all our usual Brethren and Invited Guests and afterwards to a Harmony in our Thistle Room at Brodie's Close Lawnmarket Edinburgh.

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50th Anniversary at Brodie's Close 1963-2013



Celtic Lodge Sign Transfered 23 12 2013 001

Celtic Lodge History and Mural 1963-19 04 2013


The Celtic Lodge of Edinburgh and Leith 291 Celebrate 50 Years as a Masonic Lodge in Brodie’s Close 304 Lawnmarket The Lodge used the premises from April 1830 till November 1832 and rented the rooms from St Andrew’s Lodge No 48 in 1838 for One year only.


In 1947 The Celtic Members purchased many premises in and around the High Street / Brodie’s Close areas of Edinburgh. However, it took until 1963 before the Temple and Thistle room were completed for Lodge use.


Over the last 2 years the Building Committee completed extensive overdue renovations.  


The Temple has been totally refurbished with New Royal Stewart Tartan pew seat covers, re-upholstery of all Office Bearers Chairs, new Masonic Carpet with Royal Stewart Tartan Borders and new curtains throughout while maintaining the traditions of the Lodge.


The Mural on the back wall depicts periods of history of the Lodge and Brodie’s Close and was painted by local Artist Marlene Douglas.


The Thistle Room Ceiling dating back to 1462 was repaired 4 years ago by Rob Thomson Heritage Consultants furthermore; the room was refurbished 3 years ago by Mr and Mrs B Findlay in the Style of Historic Edinburgh.


The Committee has tried to capture the History of the Close as well as the History of the Lodge in the Mural by Artist Marlene Douglas.



The First Part is of the Cambuskenneth Monks.



alt Cambuskenneth Abbey was built by order of King David I around the year 1140 dedicated to the Virgin Mary first known as the Abbey of St Mary of Stirling. Royalty including English King Edward I 17th June 1239-7thJuly 1307 known as Longshanks King of England 1272-1307-King Robert the Bruce I of Scotland 11th July 1274-7th June 1329 4 Greats Grand Son of King David I King Robert I. They gave lands and premises to the Abbey of Cambuskenneth.

The Cambuskenneth Monks had premises in and around Edinburgh, Holyrood and in the Lawnmarket.


alt The North part of the Lower Hall was called the Crypt. It is the oldest part of our property and dates back to 1300-1400. Long before the Close became Brodie’s Close, it was called Mauchan’s Close 1511, and it is recorded that his land adjoined the Hospice of the Cambuskenneth Monks who carried out their charitable work on this site in the 14th century. The Monks had an Oven called the Bake House and they made the Bread and Rolls of the Day. Today is a Cafe and still make scones and sandwiches for visitors to Edinburgh.


The Second part is One in Three. First Part is of the History of the Soldiers many of who were initiated into the Celtic Lodge. We had Members from 50 Regiments - 317 from all ranks all Initiates into the Celtic Lodge.


The Charge of the Light Bridge

Brother George M Docherty did much of the research on the History of the Regiments and found that the Light Brigade was commanded by Lord Cardigan. His command was made up of Five Cavalry Regiments, many from the Celtic Lodge. A Trumpeter from our Lodge named Henry Joy Trump Major and was assigned for one week to serve as Duty Trumpeter to Lord Lucan.

It is claimed, but not without dispute, that Brother Henry Joy sounded the Charge of the Light Brigade.


 alt                         alt

                                  Brother Henry Joy's actual Trumpet.


Second part of the Soldiers in of the 82nd Regiment in the Indian Mutiny

Although we had many of our Brethren that fell at the Battle one report that took 8 years to be discovered is that of Brother William Hyde, a Sergeant in the 82nd Regiment. His Diploma from the Celtic Lodge was found on the Battle Field of Cawnpore in 1857. The Diploma was found Stained with Blood by Captain Robert Thompson on the 6th December 1857, after the engagement with the 53rd Regiment the Gwalior Contingent. The Diploma went to Brother F Westlake, Deputy Grand Master Mason of London District Canada 27th December 1866 then back home to the Celtic Lodge to take pride of place in our new small Museum.


alt        alt          alt

        Brother William Hyde        Bro William's Certificate   Members of 82nd Regiment


Surrounding the soldiers is the shape of a Masonic Apron with the all seeing eye and the waterfall which demonstrates that as time does not stand still, many of the Brethren of the Celtic Lodge, have come under the eternal Flowing River, that Life keeps flowing over the rocky paths of life, and that the eternal flow continues to guide us in our everyday life.


alt                alt


The Third is of the Brodie’s The Name of the Close is named after the Father Francis Brodie and not William. The Brodie’s were Furniture Makers. In 1739 trade-sheet issued by the Edinburgh cabinet-maker Francis Brodie, who in the same year supplied the Duke of Gordon with A marble table, supported by an eagle, gilt, in burnished gold (F. Bamford, 'Dictionary of Edinburgh Wrights and Furniture Makers', Furniture History, vol. XIX, 1983,


alt                    alt


The Celtic Lodge is accessed through the archway in this photograph

Above Francis workshop 304 Lawnmarket three rooms were converted into one large hall and possible used as a show room named the Roman Eagle Hall now the Thistle room by the Celtic Lodge No 291-1963- Francis Brodie’s Son and partner William Brodie.


alt           alt         alt           alt


James his Brother  William The Deacon  Frances The Father Ludovick The Grand Father


Deacon Brodie 1741-1st October 1788 was a Cabinet Maker Deacon of trades and President of Incorporation of Wrights and Masons and a Edinburgh City Councillor.

it would not be untrue to say William Brodie who has stirred many a story in the annals of Edinburgh History that we at the Celtic Lodge of Edinburgh have the very premises which were owned at one time by the Brodie Family. We have a few stories of our own ie:- in the Thistle Room there is a very large mirror on the right hand side entrance and one night a past master on locking up our possessions in a safe and secure manor. He noticed a shadow, a misty a figure in the mirror of William Brodie the Deacon. We have had many a mystic evening with stories about William Brodie-Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott and our own history since 7th May 1821. We at the Celtic Lodge say Ceud Mile Failte a Hundred Thousand Welcomes to all.


The Temple We at the Celtic Lodge have many people to thank for the way the renovations have been carried out, all the Master Trades involved, Artist Marlene, the Cafe Staff and particularly the Manager Sandra, Mrs Pam Hull for all her help, Brothers Ian Ferguson PM, Ian Murray, David Hull PM Secretary, Jim Fraser PM, Bill Boland PM Treasurer and Historian, Bro George M Docherty No 2 Lodge. The Building Committee, The General Committee for their help and the Brethren for understanding, and helping to keep the Celtic Lodge what it is today and preserve the Lodge for future Masons and Visitors from all over the World.


Bro W JR Boland PM Historian to the Celtic Lodge.


 alt                      alt    



 alt                       alt


At the open evening to dedicate the refurbishment of the Celtic Lodge 291 Pipers Brothers John Edger Fraser PM and John Gilbert Riding MM Piped our invited guests and Brethren at the entrance to the Lodge at 6 PM.





Brother David Hull PM Secretary welcomed the guests and Brethren at our reception area and asked them to sign the visitors Book.


Brother Bill Boland PM Treasurer welcomed the Guests and Brethren into the Thistle Room with a nice glass of Wine or a soft drink.


As the Clock struck 1/2 past 6 pm Brother Norman Dall PM acting RWM gave our visitors and Brethren a warm welcome to our refurbishment open evening and then ask them to go up the winding stair case to the Temple above were Brother Bill would give a lecture on the History and refurbishment.      




As our guests climbed the winding stair case and entered the Temple Brother Pipers Jim and John Piped the into the Temple then Brother Bill Boland PM Historian gave a warm welcome in to the Temple and explained the History of the Celtic Lodge from its existence from May 1821 till to date and then gave a short history of the renovations the new Royal Stewart Tartan curtains Masters and Wardens Chairs and the Seats in the Pews organised by Mrs Pam Hull and fitted by Mr George Devine



 alt                           alt


Flags and Banners Designed by Bro Bill Boland and made by John and Sandy from Image Printers Leith.


New Masonic Carpet with Royal Stewart Tartan  Black and White squares with Tassels and 4 Corner Thistles by Alex at Millennium Mark.


Museum and storage units at the Back of the Temple supplied and fitted by John and Jake Kelly Builders.


alt                            alt


Mural Painted by Edinburgh Artist Marlene Douglas. Marlene has managed to capture the History of the Lodge and Brodie's Close from the Cambuskenneth Monks both Military scenes in cooperation with Bro George M Docherty PM and Bro Bill Boland PM the last part of the Mural is of Frances and William Brodie with the Roman Eagle Table that lends its name in the past to the Roman Eagle Hall now the Thistle Harmony Room of the Celtic Lodge and used as a Historic Tea Room by Mr and Mrs Brian Findlay and Manager Sandra with her Staff.


alt                           alt    



alt                            alt                              


After the Lecture we all went down to the Harmony Room were Sandra and the Cafe Staff had prepared as sumptuous Buffet with a supply of Wine and Soft Drinks.



alt                             alt


The acting RWM in closing the evening thanked all who had taken the time to attend our Grand refurbishment followed by great applause those who attended as follows:-




George Devine Curtains

Rob Thomson Heritage Consultant

Mr and Mrs Brian Findlay Café Sandra and Staff

David Swan PM and Hon Mem

Sid Yeoman PM Longest Serving Member

Gordon Yeoman PM

Adam Wilkinson - Edinburgh World Heritage

Euan Leitch Asst Director The Cockburn Association

Marion Williams The Cockburn Association

Michael Pearce Historic Scotland

Mr and Mrs Robert McLean Celtic Lodge

Mr and Mrs George Docherty PM Mural History Hon Mem

Mr David and Pam Hull PM Secretary

Mr W JR and Elizabeth Boland PM Treasurer

Mr and Mrs Ian Murray MM Building Committee

Mr James Fraser PM Piper to the Celtic Lodge

Mr and Mrs John Gilbert Riding Piper to the Celtic Lodge

Mr John Kelly Builder

Mr Jake Kelly Builder

Mr Norman Dall PM acting RWM

Mr and Mrs John Sinclair PM

Mr Ian Riddell Chartered Architect

 Mr Dougie Geddes Electrical

Arthur Barlow


Marlene Douglas Artist

Hannah Brocklehurst National Gallery of Scotland

Euan Leitch

Graeme Cruickshank - Edinburgh Historical Enterprises

Sasacha Macleod Big Project

Athur O' Hazel PM Canongate Kilwinning No 2 Hon Mem

Pat Girvan PM Canongate Kilwinning No 2 Hon Mem






Information can also be found on our web site which since its publication has attracted 378,443 hits which give some indication to the interest in the Lodge globally and its close history with the City of Edinburgh.








Bill Boland PM Treasurer


Lodge Historian