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The RWM and Brethren of the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 would like wish everyone the very best in 2017.
The Brethren of the Celtic Lodge 291 would like to wish all who visit our Web Page a Hundred Thousand Welcomes and we encourage all enquiries.
if your are looking for a Father, Grand Father, or Family Member, who may have been a Member of the Celtic Lodge E & L 291 or if you would like to join the Celtic Lodge 291 or have an interest in  Freemasonry please Email us and we will try to help your enquiry to Bill Boland PM Lodge Historian at
When we will be welcoming all our usual Brethren and Invited Guests and afterwards to a Harmony in our Thistle Room at Brodie's Close Lawnmarket Edinburgh.

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Celtic Lodge Photo History

 celtic lodge 1858 063

The Thistle Room part of Celtic Lodge has a Long History in the Lawnmarket. The room used to be split into three Houses the ornate ceiling Dates back to 1646 and a Wooden ceiling possibly even earlier,and among the many inhabitants, one William (Deacon) Brodie.


The Celtic Lodge Temple renovated and Opened in 1963. The members aquired many premises in and around the Lawnmarket, in 1947. There were many problems over the years with some of the properties being condemned, the Committee after years of discussion agreed with Edinburgh Council to take on the renovation of some of the other Buildungs and leaving the Celtic Lodge with the premises in Brodie's Close.  lodge plus 038
 eldon lodge 11-11-2011 011 This photo is of the Eldon Lodge Temple Newcastle upon Tyne. The Celtic Lodge and Eldon Lodge have been visiting each other since 1947, with the Eldon Lodge visiting the Celtic Lodge every April and the Celtic Lodge visiting the Eldon Lodge in November, some 65 years and may it long continue.
15th September 1850 the Celtic Lodge Sailed to Newcastle on the Britiannia Steamer. The deputation arrived at Steamers Warf and travelling under the marvellous High level bridge and to the sound of cannon roar and being met be the Provincial Grand Lodge of Northhumberland and Six Lodges No's 24,26,56,586,614,706,793. along with several gallant Officers of the33rd Regiment doing duty in Newcastle and Brethren from America, Brussels, Denmark, London and Durham. The photo opposite is a of a Masonic Ship the Britiannia Steamer of 1850. If any one can supply us with a photo of the Britiannia Steamer we will add it to our Photo Album.  masonic ship 1
 1964 celtic lodge 005 

The RWM and his good Lady arrived in the style of 134 years ago at a Ball held in the St Andrew's Lodge in the 1830s in the Lawnmarket, and re created in 1964 for the Consecration and Ball in the premises at Brodie's Close Lawnmarket.

 IPM and his good Lady arriving in the Lawnmarket, to join the other Members of the Celtic Lodge on such an occasion, as the Great Ball to remember our History over the years.

 1964 Celtic Lodge 003


 1964 Celtic Lodge 007


 The RWM and the ladies at the entrance of Brodie's Close, on their way up to the Thistle Hall to start the ceremonies in rememberance of the occasion in St Andrew's Lodge in the 1830s when the Celtic Brethren and their Wifes attended a Ball in honour to raise funds for their Charity work in the City.

Brother Andrew MacKay Ross Piper to the Celtic Lodge and Musical Intrumental Maker. Brother Andrew was Iniaited in to the Celtic Lodge on 18thth November 1939.

Brother Andrew Played his Bag Pipes ahead of the Horse Drawn Carriages, taking the RWM and his Guests to the Grand Ball, at the Celtic Lodge 304 Lawnmarket.

The Ball is a re-enactment of a Ball that took place in the same premises in the 1830s.

 1964 Celtic Lodge 002


Cheque Presentations 001 


Brother Sid Yeoman Presenting Brother Abraham Cargill with his 50 year Jewel and Certificate. Bro Bill took a photo of the occasion. Brother Sid and Abe talked over the early years. Bro Abe said he would like to visit the Lodge but due to his health he would find it difficult, the Carers for his Wife came in and Bro Abe was very happy to show off his Medal. Bro Sid Yeoman and Bro Bill Boland then left Bro Abe in good Spirits.

Brother Sid Yeoman Presenting Brother Arthur Owen Hazel with his 50 year Jewel. and Certificate. 

Brother Sid and Arthur talked ove the early years of the Lodge and recalled old Memories of the renovations of the Celtic Lodge New Premises in the Lawnmarket at Brodie's Close. Bro Arthur said that over the years that he had been in Freemasonry and in Grand Lodge,

He had been  presented with many Medals, Cirtificates and Gifts, but he was proud to accept this 50 Year Medal, as it was from his Mother Lodge.Bro Arthur made a cup of Tea. Bro Syd Yeoman and Bro Bill Boland left as Bro Arthur had to visit his Wife in Hospital.

Cheque Presentations 006 


Cheque Presentations 008 


 Brother Bill Boland and Brother Syd Yeoman, Arrived at Mrs Isabell Whittle's Home. Brother George Whittle, Had Passed to the Grand Lodge Above. Isabell was delighted to see us, we spoke about Bro George's Time as a Mason, George was Joined the Celtic lodge on the 20th November 1956. George was a Master Joiner.

Over the years Bro George worked his way around the Masonic floor to the High Office of RWM. On the 16th December 1969 he was made RWM of the Celtic Lodge the Highest order a Lodge can bestow on a Member.

George was well Known in the Celtic Lodge for his Narration in the Third Degree.

Bro Syd presentd Isabelle with George's 50th Year Medal, and Bro Bill took a Photo. Over the next Hour we spoke about the many nights George and Isabelle enjoyed over the Years, especially in the beginning the Sale of Works and Fund raising to help the Lodge, and Isabelle remembers working in the cafe with the other Ladies, and on one occasion raised over £1,000 selling Teas, Coffee and Scones, and one time they got a mention in one of the National News Papers, that they were the best Cafe in Edinburgh's Royal Mile. Bro Syd and Bill left with Isabelle saying than you on behalf of her Family and to Pas their good wishes to the RWM and Brethren of The Celtic Lodge.


Brother Jim E Fraser RWM and Piper to the Celtic Lodge. Bro Jim Piped in Mr & Mrs Brian Findlay on the occasion of the Grand Opening of their extention to the Cafe in the Thistle Room, of The Celtic Lodge 291 304 Brodie's Close in the Lawnmarket Edinburgh.

Mr & Mrs Findlay renovated the Hall from January 2010 - July 2010, and the Transformation to the Thistle Room will add to the History of The Celtic Lodge. Brian and the Celtic Lodge have worked hand in hand over the last 10 years,            The Host and Hostess, Brian & Maureen Findlay, welcomed all the guests to the, Thistle room, right from the start everyone jelled, with an unlimited supply of food,and drink and music by a remarkable young Pianis. The Brethren of the Lodge and invited Guests turned out in their Numbers for the Grand Opening, and enjoyed the fine spread, Brian and Maureen put on for this memorable occassion. Report By Bro Jim Fraser RWM of the Celtic Lodge.

Brother Joseph Archbold, made a Speach on be half of the Celtic Lodge at Brian and Maureen's Grand Opening.

Bro Joe was involved in the very first negotiation between Mr Findlay and the Celtic Lodge for the Cafe on the ground floor in Brodie's Close, and after a few weeks they came to a suitable agreement. That is still ongoing to-date.

 Mix 12 06 2010 031 Joe
 Mix 12 06 2010 025 Brother Syd Yeoman was amongst some of the Brethren attending Mr Findlay's Grand Opening. Bro Syd is one of the Longest Serving Member of the Celtic Lodge, and he said he was proud to be part of the opening and that the Thistle Room, would not only add to the Lodges Historic side, but one that all the Celtic Brethren Past and Present would be very proud of.

 Brother Syd Yeoman and Brother Bill Boland, Present a Cheque to The Kirklistion Boy Scouts, Bros Bill, Syd and David, visited on the Night of their Christmas Party, after Sants had delivered his Presents.

David, Syd and Bill gave the Young Scouts a small Christmas Gift. Mrs Pam Hull and The Cordinator Thanked the Celtic Lodge for their Donation, and that it would be of a Great help as the Roof had been damaged it the recent High Winds.

 Christmas 2011 001
 Big Project Cheque Peresentation

 Brother David Hull Presented a Cheque to The Big Project of Wester Hails. The Project Helps all types of Young Children.

Lodge  Various 025

 Brother Bill Boland Presents a Cheque to Beatlie Buddies After Scholl Club. The Group provide after School Care for Children with Disabilities in West Lothian.

Lodge  Various 024

 Beatlie Buddies Craigshill Livingston 005
 Installation and Sick Kids 010  Brother Norman Dall Presents a Cheque To Brother James Bathgate, on Behalf of the Celtic Lodge 291. Brother Jim collected the Cheque on Behalf of Grand Lodge of Scotland.
 Brother George Veal along with Bro Bill Boland Presents a Cheque to The Royal Blind School. Bro George and Bill were shown around the Grounds of the School, Bro Bill said it was a great experience to be shown around, all the different rooms and the Swimming Pool, and said that the Celtic Lodge was Proud to help in any way they Could.  Blind School Edinburgh
 Lodge Charity 006

 Brother Tommy Gleeson Presented a Cheque to the Haematology Department at the Royal Infirmary Little France.

Brother Tommy said he was very happy as a Member of his Family has been having Treatment for a Few Years and he knows at first Hand the Good work the goes on.


Brother Bill Boland presented a Cheque to the Sick Kids Hospital. Bill said The Help the Sick Kids Staff and Doctors, Give the Kids and their Families Is second to none. They hope to put the money to a New Machine to Help make a better Life for the young People who Care.

Installation and Sick Kids 002



Celtic Lodge Tartans Plus 013

Twa Pipers Play at Brother Norman J Dall RWM Installation. To Start The Harmony After the Feasival of Installation. There were others Brethren who Sung Many Songs and Toasts to the Visiting Sister Lodges.

RWM Norman Thanked his Installation Team. The Visitors and the Celtic Brethren, for their Support and the Collection in Aid of Grand Lodge's Charity Donations.

Brother Norman also thanks the Deacon Brodie's Cafe ( Sandra's Team ) for the wonderful Meal.

A Lovely Card from the Pupils and Staff of the Royal Blind School

   Lodge  Various 027

 Lodge Charity 063The Celtic Lodge were very pleased to receive such a nice Card.Lodge Charity 062

 Chas Cheque presentation of 1000.00 003  Bro Bill was dilighted to present this Cheque on behalf of the Celtic Lodge Edinburgh and Leith 291. Chas is well known for the work in the care of Children.

Brother Joe Archbold PM, Bro Tommy Gleeson PM, Bro David Hull PM and Bro Bill Boland PM. at the Harmony of our Sister Lodge in Newcastle.

The Lodge Eldon having had their Meeting and invited the Brethren of the Celtic Lodge to the Festival of Harmony, when the Toasts were given to the Visitors and the Worshioful Master of the Eldon Lodge,Historic event that had been going on since 1947. Brother Bill Boland's Toast to the Eldon Lodge was to rember that the Celtic Lodge had a great infinity with Newcastle, and fron the History of Minutes of the Celtic Lodge Bro Bill gave the following:- The Celtic Lodge and Brethren sailed into the Tyne on Board of the Ship Britannia to the ordinance of the Cannon Roar and broke the sicelance of upon that Sunday Morning, with the residents of Newcastle, flocking to the warf.

 Newcastle 2010 005
 More Lodge Photos 076  The Mighty Stag that hangs in the Hall of the Celtic Lodge has watched over the Brethren and visitors coming and going while Guarding the Secrets for almost 50 years, The Stag wes put in place in 1963 for the Grand opening at the consecration of the Lodge.
 The Thistle to the Entrance of the Celtic Lodge Temple, The Thistle has been long assoated with the Lodge. Right from its exsistance in 1821, not lodge before the Tatan was taken as part of the Lodges enblem, when first Candidate a Clan Stewart, the Celtic Lodge adopted the Royal Stewart Tartan and even to day the Member of the Lodge still wear it with Pride. In Fact we have just renovated the Temple and Seats in the Royal Stewart Tartan.  Lodge Charity 008
 Lodge Charity 061

 The Cambuskenneth Monks in the Lawnmarket, the Monks had a Bake House in what is now the Deacon's House Cafe, in what is now Brodie's Close.

The Monks had an Oven and made the Bread of the Day to be sold to the residents around the area.

The Celtic Lodge have included them in their new Mural Painted on the Temple Back wall, by Artist Marlene Douglas, the Celtic Lodge have had the Mural Painted as part of the History of Connections of 304 Lawnmarket.

The Cambuskenneth Monks Sold some of the premisis to Lady Manderston ( Elizabeth Scott ) Possibly a relative of Sir Walter Scott. We at the Lodge have not quit made the connection yet, but if any one knows, the Celtic Lodge would add the Information to the History. 

 The Centre Part of the Mural is about Part of the Celtic Lodge History of and Dedicated to the Military Brethren Past and Present who served in any of the Great Wars, and the Picture has Many Masonic Mysteries Included.

First is the All seeing Eye to Look over and protect us in our every day workings.

 Lodge Charity 052
 RWM D Garthley  Lodge 001

 The Centre also continues with the Military, on the Left we have Members of the Lodge who fought in the Crimean War 1853-1856 the 13th Light Dragoon Guards took part in the Charge of the Light Bridade on the 25th October 1854. One Brother Troop Sergent-Major Edward Hunt who may have sounded the Bugle to start the Charge.

On the Right Centre we have the 82nd Regiment of Foot. One Brother William Hyde, Colour Sergeant in the 82nd Regiment, his Masonic Diploma was found in the midst of the Field of the Battle by Captain RobertThomson Paymaster of the 53rd Regiment. He gave the to Brother F. Westlake, Deputy Grand Master London Districk Canada West. The Diploma took Nine years to get back to the Celtic Lodge. We still have Brother Hyde's Deploma in our Cabinet to-day.

 On the Right we Have The Brodie's Father and Son. Brodie's Close in the Lawnmarket got it's Name from Francis Brodie. Cabinet Maker, Who Furniture is very highly sought after. His Son William is one of Edinburgh Historic Characters. He made Keys and at Night he visited Local Offices to rob them. He was caught and Hanged for his escapades. Please see our complete story in Connections in the Lawnmarket.  Lodge Charity 028
 Lodge Egypt 001

 RWM Brother John Sinclair, gave a very warn Celtic Lodge welcolme to the very fine Deputatation from, the Ancient Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons within the Danish Order of Free Masons.

The Deputation comprised of 12 Brethren from Lodge Adoniram a Lodge of Installed Masters in Copenhagen, and 6 Brethren from the Lodges Den Rette Vinkel, Den Evige Flamme, in Alborg.

Heading the Deputation RWM from Lodge Adoniram Brother Danny Johansen,

Thereafter to the Thistle Harmony Hall were some of the Brethren entertained us with some Songs. The feative board was served up with a supper meal served by the Staff of the Deacon's House Cafe.

After the usual Toasts The Brethren formed the Masonic Circle to end the Mistic Evening.

 Brother David Hull meets Brother Setve Ball of Lodge Celtic of Ithaca No 84 U.G.L.Q. Bro Steve is originally from Hull in Yorkshire, Steve and his Family were on Tour of Scotland.

Bro David Showed them around the Celtic Lodge, it was in a bit of a mess as we were renovating the Lodge Temple.

Bro Steve's RWM Bro Syd Matchett asked if we could try to get some Stewart Tartan as they were going to make up new Aprons.

Bro Bill Boland looked around and Emailed some Photo Samples, which we hope they will be able to choose from.

Bro Steve thanked Bro David for taking the time to show him around the Celtic Lodge, and would take back the warm and fraternal greetings of the Celtic Lodge 291 Brethren, to our Australian Brethren.

 Trenent Pipe Youth Band 004  

Brother Jim E Fraser PM and Piper to the Celtic Lodge, with Brother W JR Boland PM Treasurer, Present a Cheque to the Tranent Youth Pipe Band. The Story below is by courtesy of Mr Iain Dixon, to appear in the East Lothian Courier.

The Tranent and District Pipe Band was recently presented with £1,000 by the Celtic Lodge of Edinburgh and Leith. This welcome donation will help fund new uniforms and instruments as well as the tuition of the new intake of young pipers and drummers. New players of all ages and experience are welcome, and the band is keen to hear from youngsters learning piping or drumming at schools locally who might be interested in developing their skills (Pipe Major Kenny Campbell  The band is currently in practice with new tunes for the 2013 season of gala and competition events, and will be leading the Remembrance Day parade through Tranent on Sunday 11th November. In the picture, the Celtic Lodge Treasurer Bill Boland is presenting the cheque to the Pipe Band President Iain Dixon, watched by Celtic Lodge member and piper Jim Fraser (far left), and members of the Tranent and District Pipe Band.

The Celtic Lodge Deputation to the Eldon Lodge No 3187 Newcastle on Tyne 9th November 2012. As Follows:-

Brother Norman J Dall PM Acting RWM.

Brother John Sinclair PM.

Brother David Black PM.

Brother Tommy Gleeson PM.

Brother David Hull PM and Secretary.

Brother William JR Boland PM Treasurer and Historian.


The Picture opposite is of the Last Three Master of the Celtic Lodge. Norman, John and David B.


The 6 Brethren Travelled down to Newcastle on Friday the 9th November the journey was smooth and they arrived on Time. The Eldon Brethren welcomed the Deputation, these Deputations have been going back and forth between the 2 Lodges since 1947. On this occasion the Celtic Brethren given a very warm welcome into the Temple, and enjoyed a very good supper and the Harmony supplied by verious Brethren. At the end of the Mystic evening the Deputation returned by Mini Bus, Driven by Bro David Hull and Bro Bill Boland.