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Connections with the History of 304 Lawnmarket, Brodies Close, Edinburgh


Time Line of Celtic Lodge E & L 291 at 304 Lawnmarket and Brodie's Close Edinburgh EH1 2PS. Bro W JR Boland PM Treasurer and Lodge Historian.


1952 Property belonging to the Celtic Lodge Edinburgh and Leith No 291 and predecessors. 

Town and Gown Association


Patrick Geddes Professor-William Calderwood Curator Bonis to Agnes Sawers-

Thomas Sawers Jr-Edward Sawers-William Gillespie Jr-Walter James Little Gilmour Esquire-Francis Brodie Wright in Edinburgh-Elizabeth Scott Lady Manderston the Lands formerly belonging to the Abbey and Covent of Cambuskenneth


1896 Notarial Instrument in favour of Patrick Geddes Professor of Botany 1896 First flat above street level entering by Turnpike stair No 306 High Street Lawnmarket and 302 High Street Lawnmarket a two storey building access and egress from High Street all Subjects 1895-306 LawnMarket

Patrick Geddes Professor of Botany Borrowed and received from Frank Vogan Clarkson and Thomas Philips of the Inland revenue 13th November 1872 the sum of £850.00 Pounds Sterling.


1895 Disposition by William Gillespie Jr in Favour of Patrick Geddes 1895 £200.00 Pounds Sterling 306 Lawnmarket Discharge £1000.00 Bond 1875 the Trustees of Alexander Ferguson and James Gall Ferguson 1 Melbourne Place Confectioners and workshop other premises in Galloway’s Close in Brodie’s Close the Bakers House and Oven a, Cellar and Dwelling House of 3 Rooms and kitchen above the Bake House Ireland’s Close now Dunbar’s Close 16th December 1839 Second area of Ground with the Tenement of Houses on the west side partly over Brodie’s Close 1873


1873 Alexander Ferguson and James Ferguson Confectioners Certificate of Search 1854 Personal Record’s against Walter James Little Gilmour Esquire and Thomas Sawers Jr from 1814 to 1854


1866 Jane Anne Logan Saxe Coburg Place to Alexander Forsyth Adam and John Kirk both writers to Her Majesty’s Signet 2 Partners of Adam Kirk and Robertson of Law agents as Trustees of the said firm of bond for £200.00 Pounds Stirling in Security 3rd May 1853 by James Frier of Juniper Green Edinburgh afterwards Australia to Jane Ann Logan of rents maoillo and duties by James Anderson Cabinet Maker and Upholster 10th April 1866 Disposition 28th December 1882 by Margaret Frier or Grahame with Consent her husband George Grahame Quartermaster Royal Ayr and Wigtown Militia Now Major and to Hannah Frier or Anderson Edina Villa Campbell Street Collingwood Melbourne Australia widow of James Anderson Cabinet Maker in Edinburgh and William Frier Pravue Stafon Close to Rochester Australia Margaret Fleming Mac Donald Anderson or Little spouse of John Little or lately Australia Elizabeth Anderson or Elms spouse of James Elms Disponees of deceased James Anderson and the said John Little and James Elms for respective interests Margaret Hogg or Snow residing at Mosgtel Otago in the Colony of New Zeland Widow of George Frier or George Mac Donald Frier Grocer Picture and Spirit Dealer Lawnmarket Edinburgh Hotel Keeper Mosgiel and now wife of Jonathan Snow Hotel Keeper now Farmer there in Life rent and Verona Frier James Frier and George Frier all children of George Frier or George Mac Donald Frier residing at Pravue Station Australia and present address of John Little and Catherine Frier or Bogle spouce of James Bogle residing at Victoria Australia lately Mosiel new South Wales Angus Darge 7 Drummond Street Edinburgh Disposition by Peter Watson Slater 267 Canongate now 29 Jeffrey Street Edinburgh on Behalf of said Grantees 16th May 1893 to Patrick Geddes Professor of Botany to the Lord Provost Magistrate and Council Edinburgh


1862 Patrick Geddes In favour of Town and Gown Association Limited £865 Pounds Stirling 1862


1854 Discharge by William Calderwood Curator Bonis to Agnes Sawers to Thomas Sawers Jr as Per above Cellar Occupied as a Black Smith’s Shop 1854 Discharge Recorded upon the 104th105th106th and 107th Folios of the Sixth Book new Series Register of Sasines 1854 Subjects in the Lawnmarket Sawers sold to Alexander Ferguson and James Ferguson 1854–Brodie’s Close and Tenements were for a long time possessed by the Deceased Francis Brodie Wright in Edinburgh 1844 Alexander Hay Smith Bookbinder 306 Lawnmarket 1844-1845 1843 John Stewart Printer Brodie’s Close 1843-1849


1839 Mrs Isabella Clark-Charles Black 1816-William Tod Jr1906-Edward Sawers 1894- 312 Lawnmarket –Arthur Cumming Wigmaker-Thomas Brown Merchant and Helen Gibb his Spouse 1836 John Stewart Printer 312 Lawnmarket Edinburgh 1836-1838 1835 Jane Hunter or Eastmount 31st March 1851 Disposition 25th April 29th May 24th June 1848 and 16th June 1898 by Trustees of Deceased Jane Hunter or Eastmount of the said Margaret Anne Urquhart or Tyrrell and William George Tyrrell said Harriet Urquhart 258 Avenue Laval Montreal Canada and William Hunter Marshall of Callendar Perth to the Town and Gowan Association 1862 to the Trustees of the Celtic Lodge of Edinburgh and Leith No291 21st March 1946


1830’s St Andrew’s Lodge Edinburgh No 48 at 304 Lawnmarket Brodie’s Close in 1830 the Celtic Lodge Edinburgh and Leith No 291 held a Grand Ball in St Andrew’s Roman Eagle hall many Masons and their good Ladies dressed in the style of that age and with dancing going on through the Mystic Night it is recorded in the Celtic Lodge minute book and in 1963 the Celtic Lodge Ball was held in the Thistle room 304 Lawnmarket Brodie’s Close when the guests dressed in the style of the 1830’

1812 John Stewart Bookbinder 306 Lawnmarket Edinburgh 1807 Walker and Menzies Printers Brodie’s Close Lawnmarket Edinburgh


1718 Bond and Disposition in security by Thomas Sawers Jr 1854 to William Calderwood Curator Bonis to Miss Agnes Sawers 310 Lawnmarket £200.00 Pounds Stirling as above Recorded in 13th14th15th16th and 17th Folios Sasines Francis Brodie 1718


1946 The Celtic Lodge Committee purchased several properties in and around No 2 Brodie’s Close known as 304 Lawnmarket Houses-Turnpike-Attic’s Bake House and Brodie’s Workshop - 1 Buchanan Close Fergusons Confectionery also at -1and2 Victoria Terrace and 1 Melbourne Place- 2 Buchanan Close or 300 Lawnmarket Workshops-Stores –Castle Card box Making Company the Robert Lockhurst Telephone No 22322- Edinburgh Rope works ??-306 Lawnmarket Workshops- Stores and Houses 310 Lawnmarket- Shops-Thomas Blaikie and Son- Antique Furniture and Curiosity Dealers-2 Fisher’s Close or 312 Lawnmarket Shops-Stores-314 Lawnmarket Shops and Stores- possibly more still to be researched.


Town and Gown Association are two distinct communities of a University Town-Town being the Non-Academic population and the Gown metonymically being the University community especially in Ancient seats of learning such as Oxford-Cambridge and St Andrew’s Origin of the term.

During the middle ages students admitted to the European Universities often held minor clerical Status and donned Grab similar worn by the Clergy the Vestments evolved into the academic long Black Gown worn along with Hood and Cap the Gown served as a social symbol as it was impractical for physical manual work the Hood often adorned the colours of their Colleges and designated the young scholar’s University affiliation thus by their distinctive clothing the students were set apart and distinguished from the Citizens of the Town hence the phrase Town and Gown and had its roots in the University as a sanctuary and dates back to the Academy founded by Plato 387 BC Athens down to 12th Century early Medieval Universities first Italy and across the European Continent to the British Isles. Scholars often Congregated in identifiable areas of the City one of the most famous being the left bank River Gauche of the Seine Paris known as the Latin Quarter with Artists-Writers and Philosophers including Pablo Picasso-Arthur Rimbaud-Paul Verlaine-Henry Matisse-Jean Paul Sartre-Ernest Hemmingway-F Scott Fitzgerald and many more also with religious-Political and Law.


Violent confrontations between the Town and Gown erupted on a recurring basis one famous battle was the St Scholastica day 10th February 1355 at the University of Oxford. All University Colleges throughout the World are established under the Town and Gown a Most established custom.


Sir Patrick Geddes Biologist and Sociologist born 2nd October 1854 Ballater Aberdeenshire Patrick met Anna Morton in May 1885 fell in love with Anna they married in march 1886 made Professor of Botany 1888 Social Theories of Fredrick Le Play he Wrote Evolution of Sex-Established a Museum located in the outlook Tower-In April 1917 Alasdair son of Patrick and Anna son was killed on the WW1 Battle front Patrick had always considered Alasdair as his closest companion he understood his father’s passions and ideas Patrick did not tell Anna of Alasdair death as she was ill so she would not suffer any more distress In early June 1917 Anna died-In 1918 Patrick became involved with a Zionist movement turning his interest to Jerusalem and Palestine for 5 Years he travelled back and forth between India and Dundee College his last major work in life outlines of General Biology.

Patrick settled in France building a School at Montpellier in France and Le College Des Ecossai’s -

Patrick Geddes was Knighted in 1931 Died 17th April 1932-Sir Patrick Geddes was also known for his Pioneering work as Town Planner in the Old Town of Edinburgh. See Richard Le Gates 1870-1940 Urban studies program SF3U/98- Lewis Munford’s The City History Works by LM.web site The Myth of the Machine.

Sir Patrick Geddes 

Walter James Little Gilmour Brodie’s Close 1808-Sir John Gilmour purchased the Barony of Craigmillar from the Prestons in 1660 Sir John was an Eminent Lawyer received his Knighthood in 1650 In 1661 became a Member of Parliament for Mid Lothian and also in 1661 President of the Collage of Justice-Sir John was Married 4 times died in 1671 Succeeded by only surviving son Sir Alexander Gilmour made Baronet in 1678 Member of Parliament 1698 died October 1731 Survived by daughter Helen and Heir Sir Charles Gilmour Baronet followed the family tradition Elected Member of Parliament for Mid Lothian in 1737 House of Lords Trade and Plantations served his constituency until his death at Montpellier in 1750 Succeeded by only son Sir Alexander Gilmour Baronet who like his ancestors Elected Member of Parliament for Mid Lothian held his seat until 1774 died in France 1792 leaving no Heirs the Baronetcy and Succession of Craigmillar was then conferred to the first Sir Alexander Gilmour’s daughter Helen’s Grandson William Charles Little of Liberton Helen had married William Little of Liberton Mr Little upon Succession of Craigmillar also took the name Gilmour he died in 1797 his eldest son Walter Little Gilmour of Liberton and Craigmillar Succeeded Walter in 1805 married Heiress to Cannonmills James Anne MacDowall sadly he died 2 years latter leaving a daughter Jane and a Son whom he never knew Walter James Little Gilmour-Walter James Succeeded his Father and upon his mother’s death left the residency of Craigmillar for good he did however take an interest in its affairs and of historic and public matters he died unmarried in 1870 Search in RGS 28th December to 17th May 1894 deceased James Burnet Clarkson Surgeon in Melrose south side Abbrs of Adjuds against Peter Watson Slate 267 Canongate Edinburgh and Patrick Geddes


Alexander Ferguson and James Ferguson of Ferguson’s confectioner’s 1 Melbourne Place Edinburgh Telephone No 21692 and 5 Waverley Steps Tel 26783 and 144 Princes Street Tel 24462 and 98 Princes Street Tel 27127-Head Office 1 Victoria Terrace Tel 21692-Established Confectioner and Inventor of Edinburgh Rock ie:- some of his sweets had lain over night Alexander noticed that the consistency had changed that the texture of the sweets had hardened Alexander was going to throughout the mixture he broke off a bit of the hard texture sweetie and tasted it to find that its taste and crunchy texture was quite pleasant to taste and so we have hard rock sold today in most of British holiday resorts but Alexander was not happy so developed his rock because the Ferguson tridition was of a soft sweetie texture so he made his rock much softer which today is still called Edinburgh Rock fluted stick of pastel shades and flavours Alexander would walk about the City of Edinburgh with pockets full of sweeties for the children and so Alexander Ferguson was popularly known as sweetie sandy who was born in Dundee 1798 at Doune Perthshire and retired back to Doune with a considerable fortune no information listed about his brother James.


Decon Brodie’s Close No 2-304 Lawnmarket – The name was originally named Lord Cullen’s Close till 1688-1726 Sir Francis Grant of Cullen-Little’s Close William Little of Liberton 1570-Brodie’s Close the land originally belonged to Robert Brown Burgess of House Canongate-Original feuar was Francis Brodie and Brodie’s Close in 1773 is named after Francis Brodie Wright-Glass Grinder and Burgess Brodie and Son Wrights and Undertakers Lawnmarket 1773 Cabinet Makers father and Partner of William Brodie-The Brodie family tree Alexander Brodie 10th of Brodie died 1540 1 Child Thomas Brodie 11th of Brodie fought in the Battle of Pinkie died 1547 1Child Alexander Brodie 12th of Brodie Married Marjory Dunbar in 1553 1 Child David Brodie Alexander also married Margaret Hay 9 Children George-Henry-Thomas- Majory-Elspeth-Janet-Catherine-Margaret and John-David 1st Son of Alexander became the 13th of Brodie Married Jannet Hay in 1584 Died 1627 also held position of 13th Chief of the Clan Brodie 1583 7 Children-William-John-Francis-Ninian-David-Alexander-Joseph-David Brodie 5th Child of David and Jannet became the 14th of Brodie married Katherine Dunbar 7 Children Joseph-William-Grizel-Janet-Elizabeth-Alexander-and David-Francis Brodie of Milton and Inverlochtie Son of David Brodie 13th of Brodie Francis Married Barbara Johnstone- Margaret Hay and Lilias Dunbar-Children of Francis and Margaret-Margaret-Jane-Catherine-Lilias-Ludvick-David- Ludvick was Ludvick Brodie of Whytfield-Children John-Francis-Francis Brodie Wright Glass Grinder Furniture Maker-An eagle-borne table featured, beneath a sconce candle-branch mirror, in the 1739 trade- sheet issued by the Edinburgh,Francis Brodie a Palladian Furniture and Cabinet Maker who in that same year supplied the Duke of Gordon with A marble table, supported by an eagle, gilt, in burnished gold. See (F.Bamford, 'Dictionary of Edinburgh Wrights and Furniture Makers', Furniture History, vol. XIX, 1983,  Above Francis work shop 304 Lawnmarket three rooms were converted into one large hall and possible used as a show room named the Roman Eagle Hall now the Thistle room by the Celtic Lodge No 291-1963- Francis Brodie’s Son and partner William Brodie (The Deacon Brodie)1741-1st October 1788 was a Cabinet Maker Deacon of trades and President of Incorporation of Wrights and Masons an Edinburgh City Councillor he also served on a Jury-he was also given the freedom of the City-William was a Member of No 2 Lodge and would socialise in highest circles including the Gentry of Edinburgh a member of most clubs including the Edinburgh Cape Society founded on 15th March 1733 not formally constituted until 1764 meeting at The Isle of Man Arms Craigs Close Old Town Edinburgh helped to support a Scottish Militia Known as the Edinburgh Cape Club first established 18th Century and one of the many Convivial Edinburgh Societies some of its members including Robert Fergusson Poet also wrote the

poem Auld Reekie-Thomas Lancashire first Sovereign of the club-David Herd Club Secretary-Jacob More Scottish Landscape Painter-Alexander Runciman Scottish Painter-Sir Henry Raeburn Scottish Portrait Painter- Brodie also associated with our own Robert (Rabbie) Burns Poet and well loved Bard Born 25th January 1759-21st July 1796 Robert Burns was Initiated into the Freemasons at St David’s Lodge Tarbolton on 4th July 1781 22 Years Old-William Brodie City Councillor- William among his many talents was the repair of locks and security mechanical devices he Made copies of his clients keys using wax or putty impressions which included many of his rich clients William kept a black smith’s shop in the Lawnmarket were George Smith a English black Smith he would forge exact copies of the keys they would return in the midst of night to steal their most sacred possessions he used his ill gotten gains to maintain his new life style including two mistresses and five children and the gambling habit now out of control William recruited three additional members to help in the wave of his crime included Mr Brown-Mr George Smith an English Lock Smith and Mr Ainslie their many exploits one of that an armed raid on the Excise office Chessel’s Court Canongate the plan failed when Ainslie was Captured Ainslie turned King’s evidence to avoid transportation he informed on the gang William escaped to the Netherlands with the intent to board ship to United States of America but was arrested in Amsterdam and escorted back to Edinburgh by ship William Brodie and George Smith’s trial started on 27th August 1788 and with no real evidence against William until the tools of his trade were found in his house ie:- copied keys disguises and fire arms no money or other items were found even the silver mace from the University of Edinburgh-Mr Henry Erskine Brodie’s counsel spoke highly of William and that a man well known to them as a child and well respected in the community should be guilty of such skulduggery William was still found guilty and sentenced to death along with his accomplice George Smith at the trial William was dressed in a very fine suit with tails white silk cravat and black tri-pointed hat the same way he would carry out his day to day business as a well to do gentleman of the time-William Brodie and George Smith were hanged at the tollbooth on 1st October 1788 using the gallows supposed to be designed by Brodie himself- but according to a story William through his closest friends had made a steel collar to put around his neck it is said that the hangman was bribed and a doctor friend was on hand to pronounce William dead but an extended story to date is that William’s Close Friend from one of his clubs a French socialite possible Dr Pierre Degraver some say a French Quack brought William’s body back to his resident at Brodie’s Close Lawnmarket laid out William body on the kitchen floor revived him and escaped to France the next available sail ship and his family joined him latter-The official storey was that William’s body is buried in an unmarked grave at the Parish Church in Buccleuch it would not be untrue to say William Brodie who has stirred many a story in the annals of Edinburgh history that we at the Celtic Lodge of Edinburgh and Leith No 291 have the very premises that were owned at one time by the Brodie Family and have a few stories of our own ie:- that in our main hall once called the Roman Eagle Hall now the Thistle Room have a very large mirror on the right hand side entrance to the Thistle room and on one night a past master on locking up our possessions in a safe and secure manor noticed a shadow a mist a figure in the mirror of William Brodie the Deacon and our lady cleaner will not go into our Thistle room or our Temple on her own but we have had many a mystic evening with Stories about William Brodie-Robert Burns-Sir Walter Scott and our own history since 7th May 1821 and of our brethren that are looking down from the mystic Lodge above we at the Celtic Lodge say Ceud Mile Failte a Hundred Thousand Welcomes to all visitor who have passed and those who have still to see for themselves and maybe enlighten us to something we don’t know-Email or visit us at


Elizabeth Scott Lady Manderston 310 Lawnmarket Tenement printer Houses-Attic-Cellars the lands formerly belonging to the Abbey and Covent of Cambuskenneth the Abbey was built by order of King David I around the year 1140 dedicated to the Virgin Mary first known as the Abbey of St Mary of Stirling Royalty including English King Edward I 17th June 1239-7thJuly 1307 known as Longshanks King of England 1272-1307-King Robert the Bruce I of Scotland 11th July 1274-7th June 1329 4 Greats Grand Son of King David I King Robert I sometimes referred to as the Hero King his body is buried in Dunfermilne Abbey both English and Scottish Kings prayed regularly at the Abbey-In 1486 Margaret of Denmark died at nearby Stirling Castle was buried in the Abbey- The Abbot of Cambuskenneth later Commander of Cambuskenneth was the head of the Augustinian Monastic community-The Abbey had properties all over Scotland donated by wealthy Patrons for a promise of being taken care of in the afterlife some properties in the Lawnmarket Edinburgh were sold to Elizabeth Scott Lady Manderston see Inventory Title Deeds of Celtic Lodge in the Subjects of Brodie’s Close Lawnmarket 1854


Mrs Isabella Clark 1839 owned the Turnpike Dwelling House Hall Chamber and Study Lawnmarket in Favour of James Little Gilmour 1839.


Disposition by Walter Little Gilmour Deceased to Son Walter John James Little Esquire 1808 in Favour of Charles Black and Daughter Isabella Black of House in the Lawnmarket


1816 Disposition 29th April 1848 of the 14th July 1835 Jane hunter or Eastmont to the Trustees of the said Jane Hunter of Eastmont Deceased of the said Margaret Anne Urquhart or Tyrrell and William George Tyrrell said Harriet Urquhart at 258 Avenue Laval Montreal Canada and William Hunter Marshall of Callender Perth Scotland to the Town and Gown Association Disposition in Security to William Tod Jr 10th November 1906 11th November 1866 to 13th November 1906 to 19th May 1914 by William Tod Jr Bond £1000.00 by Town and Gown Association Ltd Bone for £800.00 to Trustees of Charles Hepburn View field Kinross registered RGS 20th May 1914 to 31st August 1927

1st September 1927-March 1946 Discharged by Trustees of Charles Hepburn 18th May 1914 for £800.00 by the Town and Gown Association Ltd to the Trustees for the Celtic Lodge Edinburgh and Leith No 291 21st March 1946 from 22nd March 1946 to 16th May 1951 Disposition by Trustees of the Celtic Lodge to the Lord Provost Magistrates and Council of the City of Edinburgh No 1 Melbourne Place Confectioners and Workshops in Galloway’s Close- Brodies Close-1-2 Victoria Terrace part of which was the New Building for Lothian Regional Council Grorge the IV Bridge at the time concern express Edinburgh Planning confirmed and approved plans and built in 1968 to the design by Sir Robert Matthew- 2005 Mixed use of the building the Council decided their building hand flaws that structural constraints rendered it inappropriate for conversion into a hotel and the low ceiling heights and differences between internal and external ground levels imposed limitations on reuse despite concerns expressed by Historic Scotland-the Cokburn Association-World Heritage Trust and some members of the Celtic Lodge not only that it would spoil the old town preservation in listed buildings but although the Council with full agreement of the Trustees of the Celtic Lodge in Favour of the Lord Provost Magistrates and Council of the City of Edinburgh 21st February 1950 see Title Deeds that the Council in their wisdom did not approach the Lodge with an ex gratis payment or to make some other gesture to charity the Celtic Lodge still have some issues as to the area the new Hotel have intruded into the boundary left by the last negotiations with the Council.


The New Hotel Redevelopment as Hotel Missoni by Allan Murray Architects backed by HBOS to Build a Complex on former Lothian Regional Council HQ off the Royal Mile into a £7m Complex to include Four Star Hotel Shops Restaurants and a Flagship Banking Branch opposite the original HQ on the Mound.


Celtic Lodge Edinburgh and Leith No 291 304 Brodie’s Close in the Turnpike 3 Rooms now the Thistle Room Temple above Thistle Room and Loft and on the lower floor Kitchen and Hall and Master’s Room down stairs to Ladies and Gents Cloakrooms across the bottom Close is the Cafe in which over the last 15 years Mr Brian Findlay and his wife Maureen together with the staff who run the Cafe and the upstairs Thistle Room with negotiations by the Celtic Lodge Committee and Mr & Mrs Brian Findlay we both have helped to secure the future and prosperity of the Celtic Lodge.


An acknowledgement of other residents of 304 the Lawnmarket ie:- Brodie’s Close 1896 Recorded 9th January in favour of Isabella Black or Clark wife of Robert Clark Subjects Disposition by William John James Esquire City Chambers 4th April 1870-9th May 1896 Notarial Instrument in favour of Miss Catherine Moore Clark and Mrs Isabella Jane Clark or Huth recorded in RGS folios 168,169,170,and 238 28 02 1918 Disposition by the Trustees of Mrs Jane Hunter or Eastmont to Town and Gown Association Ltd 11 04 1898 subjects south side Lawnmarket Disposition granted by Charlotte Eyre Powell or Pillman in favour of Edward Sawers 19 05 1894 Sir James Nick of Priestfield south side High Street purchased and acquired from the deceased Alexander Raith Merchant Edinburgh by James Caithness 11th November 1866-13th November 1906 David Urquhart sole surviving marriage contract of Malland Pearth and Grafton Street London and New Ormond Street now deceased and Herrit Angekina Yorksque or Urquhart his spouse also deceased just and equal forth parts Trust Deeds and settlement by Jessie of Stewart Hall of James Stewart Hall of Brittan Manor 1st July 1835 in General of Margaret Hunter or Urquhart and David Urquhart 1898

Jane Hunter or Eastmont widow of James Eastmont residing at India Street Edinburgh Disbudding of bond dated and satisfied 3rd Mat 1883 and recorded 10th May 1886 for £200.00Pounds Stirling by James Frier Picture dealer Disposition by Town and Gown AssociationLtd in favour of the Trustees of the Celtic Lodge 291 subjects 306 Lawnmarket Brodie’s Close and Buchanan’s Close 1946 for the said Celtic Lodge Warden Bruce and Co 42 Melville St Edinburgh Norma Ramsay Lib 8907 131-132 17th July 1946 Disponed In consideration of £600.00Pounds Stirling paid by Edward Duduid Watt RWM-James Reid Sibbald IPM-James Robertson SW-William Fanns JW and Andrew MacKay Ross Secretary all of the Celtic Lodge 291


1901 12th June a dwelling House west side of Fisher’s Close 312 Lawnmarket containing 4 rooms Kitchen Conveniences a Low House and Cellarage also a Cobbler’s Stall subjects in Title Deeds a High foreshop and 2 back shop-Apartment on south side of High Street Possessed by Arthur Cumming Wigmaker Edinburgh and Afterwards by Thomas Brown Merchant recorded GRS in favour of Thomas Brown and Helen Gibb his Spouse as trustees in subjects Patrick Geddes in favour of Town and Gown Association Ltd in favour of the Trustees of the Celtic Lodge


1870 Turnpike House Hall and Chamber with Study on the west end pertaining to James David andJohn Archibald south side Lawnmarket and Tenement belonging to Thomas Cant of St Gillie Grange now demolished re edified and built in one Great Stone Tenement by Thomas Fisher Merchant on the west Land of Alexander Gibam and afterwards John Anderson Writer on the east High Street north of the Land of the Larid of Libberton on the south a little dark house at the back chimney and Dwelling House or Chamber west-east of the Turnpike possessed by Robert Vintner afterwards Thomas Newton Vintner and after James Prine Depute Clark of the Admiralty and the above Dwelling House pertaining to Elizabeth Scott Lady Manderston afterwards to John Archibald and John Anderson on the east Lands of Matthew Loch and former chamber pertaining to Gilbert Lothian Merchant and in the north part Tenement of Elizabeth Scott which the whole subjects Disposition now possessed by P Malloch and Son and John Wright spirit dealer in the Lawnmarket


1854 Ground Tenement there on situated west side and partly over or across Brodie’s Close and bounded on the west by fishers Close on the south occupied by J and J Gray Printing Office east of Brodie’s Close which Tenement of Houses consists of three stories with attics and cellars belonging to and sometime occupied by Thomas Monteith-Mr Sinclair and others Bakehouse and Oven east side of Galloway’s Close possessed by James Yule Baker the Celler next to the Bakehouse possessed by messes Bell and Bradfute three rooms and kitchen possessed by Mrs MacDonald entering from the west side formerly called Ireland’s Close now Dunbar’s Close.

16th December 1839 in favour of Alexander Ferguson Confectioner Resignation of John Shand Baker Pottenow and Alexander Youngson WS 7th November 1854 in favour of Thomas Sawer Jr Baker Lawnmarket Disposition in favour of Walter James Little Gilmour Esquire of Libberton and Craigmillar and Disposition in Security recorded GRS by Thomas Sawers Jr to William Calderwood Merchant Edinburgh as Curator Bonis to Miss Agnes Sawers his Daughter for £200.00 Pounds Sterling described as Security 6th January 1855 in favour of Alexander Ferguson of the said subjects Disposition in favour by Thomas Sawers 7th December 1871 on behalf of David Robertson Collie Printers and other Trustees of Alexander Ferguson under servitude 24th March 1873 £1,000.00 Pounds Sterling Bond by the Company of Confectioners at 1 Melbourn Place Edinburgh of Alexander and James Ferguson in security to David Robertson Collie Printers at Galloway’s Close and Dwelling House above the Bakehouse 17th May 1878 to 20th January 1883 bond for £1,000.00 Pounds Sterling.

Alexander and James Ferguson in security disposition to the surviving Trustees of deceased Major James Douglas in the service of the Hon East India Company Bombay Establishment thereafter of Edinside County of Edinburgh with warrant 7th 8th May 1879 20tn East India Company on the Bombay Establishment thereafter of Edenside Near Kelso in the County of Roxburgh to John Grant Book seller George IV Bridge Edinburgh and Disposition to Patrick Geddes Professor of Botany University College Dundee residing at 14 Ramsay Gardens University Hall Edinburgh14th May 1894 Bond of £400.00 Pounds Sterling Search RGS for Inhibitions 1st May 1854-17th May 1894 none found and 2nd 5th 8th November 1906 with warrant there on behalf of the Town and Gown Association Ltd and said Patrick Geddes 3rd September 1896-13th November 1906 No 6 James Court Lawnmarket



1822 search for Incumbence Dwelling House being third storey with Turnpike large stone tenement of land and timber land in the Lawnmarket south side with Cellar having a chimney in the north side Lawnmarket in that Close of old Close called Harpers Close now Called Baxter’s Close of John and David Paton Builders in Edinburgh 1808 Walter James Little Gilmour only son of deceased Walter Little Glimour Esquire of Libberton and Craigmillar all and whole that Garden and sale of ground laying in the Burgh of Edinburgh on the south side of the Kings High Street thereof on the bottom of the south commonly called Clement Little’s Close between the lands and south most gables of tenement formerly pertaining to James Home afterwards to the House of Cockburhon the north lands and Gardens James Wardlaw and Elizabeth Scott thereafter to William Little on the east in all and while a dwelling house formerly belonging to James Cockburn lying in the Burgh between the tenement of land once the property of Patrick Richardson on both sides of the said Clement Little’s Close between the lands once of Patrick Scott on the east lands of John Cant and Mauritus Coupland on the west and lands south formerly John Biarns then belonging to the heirs of Clement Little on the north which tenement of land of Patrick Richardson Kings Road south Ptarick Scott on the east and John Cant on the west and the whole of Tenement of land belonging to Elizabeth Scott on the south of the Kings High Street formerly belonging to the Abbey and Convent of Cambuskenneth on the east part of land belonging to Elizabeth Scott Lady Manderston then Patrick Spence on the South and that part of tenement to the west of George Paterson pastor on the east Thomas Black Baker the deceased John Mason’s heirs on the south side Kings High Street reference to the Vennel Called Libberton’s Wyndon on the west formerly belonging to William Curror on the north and on the south formerly of William Little between the tenements of property of Patrick Spence and John Gibson between the lands of Adam Allan on the north of the Cowgate on the south and lands of the Abbey and Convent of Camburkenneth on the east and Margaret Levie on the west in 1786 The House of George Panter on the east and tenements of Richard Carmichael on the west side all and whole tenement of land or dwelling house above the lands to the east of Cowgate with the east part tenement property of John Wardlaw between the tenement of Adam Allan on the North of Cowgate on the south belonging to John Wardlaw and Elizabeth Scott south side of the Kings Highway John Panter formerly belonging to William Little then John Little and his son Edward Little then Edward Edgar on the south side of the Kings Highway between the lands of the heirs of William Riddle and son on the south and lands of James Hamilton on the west William Riddle Baker and afterwards Alexander Babmayon and Gillbert Little 20th August 1786 south of Lawnmarket

of Edinburgh that Close formerly called Clemont Little Close now Brodie’s Close property of the deceased Francis Brodie Wright


2010 William John Ross Boland PM and Lodge Historian would like to thank all who have stayed in the lawnmarket without them this short history could not be told if anyone has more Information or would like to put to.


If you have any comments, please contact us at or send a mail to our 

Lodge Secretary or Lodge Treasurer